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Smart home of tomorrow - with ETI protection devices

ETI is a part of all-Slovenian project that brings together individual, recently developed and technologically advanced, yet complementary, solutions of 12 Slovenian companies in a completely new and integrated solution that will enable the construction of a sustainable, smart, interconnected, user-friendly, advanced and healthy living environment.

Matija Strehar
 R&D manager for electrotechnical products


ETI is one of the members of the consortium of 12 Slovenian companies, including MARLES, Petrol, Gorenje, Alples, Danfoss, Helios, JUB, that has been tasked with creating the smart home of tomorrow, for a comfortable and healthy living and working environment, also called "HOME 24 h" project.

Newly developed solutions with four focus areas and the technologies and product directions:

- Wooden solutions: HOME 24 h building is a completely newly developed wooden building with newly developed solutions and construction sets and newly developed advanced wooden furniture;

- Smart devices and systems: includes newly developed and diverse demonstrated technologies and energy efficient subsystems and devices;

- Active building management: includes newly developed and demonstrated solutions for a smart, active and user-friendly environment, energy management and connection to the neighbourhood;

- Advanced non-biogenic construction products: the whole building is an almost zero-energy living unit, in which newly developed advanced materials will also be used.

ETI participates in the smart home segment with AFDDs, RCBOs and built-in electricity meters with appropriate transmission to the IT environment. We will also be in charge of designing the electrical installations of the new home.

More information on the project

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